I remember looking through the viewfinder of my aunt's Canon slr. It was a beautiful October day. We were hiking a ridgeline and the fall colors were spectacular. I cranked the focus ring, framed the shot, snapped the shutter... and waited days to see the print. I was 10.

From that moment onward I was hooked.

I took the first photography class offered at my high school. There I learned about the camera. Film, the darkroom, lenses, f stops, shutter speeds, and creating not just a recording, but an artistic interpretation.

My high school graduation present was my very own slr and 24-105mm lens.

I am an honors graduate with a dual degree in both Art/Photography & Psychology.

At university I ran the dark room for many many semesters. I was in there 14 hours a week. Not some weeks every week. There I immersed myself in post processing, critiquing fellow students, and further honing my photographic skills. Toward the end of my college years I was a student teacher. I was able to speak to what photography was, is, and could be. Being involved in the general study of photography I found this time to be quite interesting. It was the end of the millennium. I was a member of the class where film died and digital matured. When I was an underclassman the first digital class was offered. When I graduated there was 1 or 2 film classes left. Over the past decade I have seen firsthand the industries continuous change.

Today I travel whenever to wherever. I’ve worked on projects from food to fashion, apparel to architecture, fine art to photojournalism. I enjoy it all. At the same time I have been working on my book, style, and vision. Contemplating both what my commercial and fine art focus are to be.

When asked by clients what can I offer? I’ve answered “It is my job is to bring my creativity to bear; in the best way possible. I believe that I am not just a photographer but a visual artist.” In our rapidly changing field one can not only focus on still photography. One must consider video, computer generated graphics, and other visual elements play a vital role. Today the line between visual art forms is blurred more than any other time in history.

I am excited, and privileged, to be part of it all.

I look forward to new and exciting developments in the visual arts and hope to always be a contributing participant.